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Frequently Asked Questions


If I haven't answered your question here, please reach out!

 01  What makes you stand out from other licensing consultants?

I have upgraded my own license three times in the past 10 years. I stay updated on all STCW regulations and I'll communicate this information to you in a way that's easy to digest. I am quick to answer email, and I am happy to be in touch by text, skype, phone call, or whatever works best for you. I'm always figuring out the quickest technology solution to a problem and I'll share everything I know with you - no trade secrets. 


 02  What is a "third party"?

A third party individual is someone that you assign to speak with the Coast Guard on your behalf regarding your MMC application. You might choose to do this because you don't have time to do it yourself, or because you are at sea, and you are unable to keep tabs on your application yourself. I will work on your behalf to get your license processed and in your hand.




 03  Where is your headquarters?

Bluewater Maritime Consulting is based out of San Diego, CA. If you are local, we can discuss your license or project in person. If you are elsewhere, I am able to work with clients all over the country using online tools. 




 04  What do your fees look like?

Typically, my licensing consulting starts at $200 for straightforward domestic application packages. STCW (international) will increase the rate. For organizations with multiple mariners seeking credentialing assistance, I will work with you to build a contract to meet your business or organization's needs.




 05  What if I have a ​quick question but I'm not ready to hire you?

Please contact me with your question! I'm happy to point you in the right direction.

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