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Sarah (Herard) Hirsch

Sarah grew up on little sailboats on the Great Lakes. In college she worked on a passenger vessel sailing daily from Chicago's Navy Pier. She was also a student on a semester tall ship program with Sea Education Association. Her SEA Semester inspired her to seek work in the sail training industry after college. She has sailed professionally throughout the world, working on traditionally rigged wooden and steel vessels.


Sarah holds a 1600 Ton Oceans Masters, sail endorsed, with Management level STCW and an AB Unlimited / AS-D. She is also a trained American Red Cross First Aid and CPR instructor and experienced offshore medical person in charge. 

Sarah earned a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Michigan (2005) and a M.A.Ed. in Training and Development from Central Michigan University (2018). She is also an approved instructor and Qualified Assessor with the USCG.

Sarah lives in San Diego, CA. Sarah began her consultancy with the goal of helping mariners apply for original licenses, as well as navigate the renewal and upgrade process.​


Capt Herard is currently helping me to get my license and she is everything you could want in a consultant! Knowledgable, on time, friendly, and goes above and beyond to make sure you're on the right track.         

Ger Tysk

Captain Herard is encouraging, methodical, and patient. After I wrote to her, she promptly called and talked me through my options for how to smoothly navigate the licensing process. I am so grateful for her guidance.       

Kate Enright

What makes Capt. Hirsch an expert coach for new Merchant Mariners?

Sarah Hirsch is a USCG Approved Qualified Assessor 

Previous Experience - Sea Education Association Marine Department Associate

  • Assisted vessel crew members to apply for original and upgraded licensing and ratings at an organization with 10 or more licensing applicants per year.

  • analyzed rule changes and new STCW requirements

  • trained and assessed crew for STCW and OICNW tasks 

  • held staff training sessions on the licensing process for new mariners

  • assessed crew sea time letters to determine level of qualification

  • reviewed completed paperwork for accuracy 

  • Acted as National Maritime Center Authorized third-party for crew at sea

  • Consulted on how/where to successfully complete medical screening

  • Trained to provide on-site drug testing

  • Drafted properly written sea-time letters for SEA sea service

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